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Learning 4 Operas At Once...

Hello friends!

I recently announced that I was headed to Sarasota Opera for Winter 2022. I will be an Apprentice Artist and for this program, the young artists serve as the chorus. They are very clear that we need to be prepared to hit the ground running on Day 1. We're doing FOUR shows! (Tosca, Pearl Fishers, Daughter of the Regiment, and Attila) I also don't know much about any of these shows since there aren't really any mezzo roles.

As my scores come in, I realized I was never taught how to learn multiple scores at once. I have four shows to prepare and will have another contract directly after the program ends. So how does one keep track of all this music?

A handy dandy chart of course! (linked below) Depending on how much time you have to learn the music, you can break down each opera into easier sections. I write the deadline for having completed the role and little deadlines for each section to keep me on track. Since this is the chorus parts, I probably won't take this into a coaching. A more thorough version of how I learn a role can be found in this blog.


Deadline: The top corner is the general deadline and the one on the chart is for each section. (ex: I will complete La fille du régiment and Tosca by the end of October).

Section: I usually put a tab for each section of the show or each entrance. I also add the page numbers.

Notes, Rhythms, Text, Memorize: I break these down in case there is only one thing I need to get. (ex: There is a prayer that the chorus sings and the notes/some rhythms are different the second time. So it helps me break that down since I already know the text/translation.)

Of course, I will still take everything into account as far as how I normally learn a role. But this helps me get a general overview of how I make sure that everything is ready to go when I arrive.

This advice could also work for recitals and other concerts!

The file is free to download for your use! I like to add color to mine. Enjoy!

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Learning a role checklist
Download PDF • 29KB

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