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Summer 2021 Newsletter

Hello friends!

It's been a while since I've posted a blog. As we all know, this pandemic has been going on, but we are SO CLOSE to the end. Theaters are slowly beginning to wake up and vaccinations are moving along (at least in the US).

Muggle Life

My husband and I bought a fixer-upper house in Cincinnati over New Years. While Nathan is at work, I've been painting rooms, staining tables, thrifting furniture, and putting all of my HGTV binging to work. I have a newfound love for power tools, so if anyone needs a good sanding I'm your gal! It's been nice to have another creative outlet during these "unprecedented times." My dog Pete approves of having a yard all to himself!

The Career

I was fortunate enough to have a gig this spring in Springfield, Missouri. I sang the Alto Solo in Mozart's Requiem with the Springfield Symphony Orchestra. I would be lying if I told you I didn't cry on stage...but luckily my mask hid the evidence! We were able to have it streamed on social media and over the local radio station. I was also able to talk about the artist life to MSU Chorale and they had great questions! One of my main talking points is in this blog here. Everyone there was so kind and turned out to be a special performance for all of us.

This summer, I'll be joining Central City Opera's roster for their Bonfils-Stanton Young Artist Program. I'll be covering Dido in Dido and Aeneas and singing Giovanna in the Family Matinee of Rigoletto. Central City Opera was able to secure outdoor venues to safely put on the 2021 Festival! If you are interested in coming out to Colorado to see any of our shows, I linked the schedule below!

Centra City Opera 2021 Festival Calendar

That one time I did Youtube...

Ah, the classic tale of starting a Youtube channel and forgetting it. Actually, I decided to wait until things started to pick back up! I'm passionate about passing along information to the next generation of singers, but I feel like I need to know what I'm doing in order to do that. Did any of us know what we were doing in 2020??? You'll see more posts on my socials and Youtube (@thescrappymezzo) as we roll into a new audition season and gigs. For now, enjoy my Instagram Stories from the Met Competition, past auditions, and shows! If you want really ridiculous content you can find my Tiktok, but I have a strict shenanigans-only policy for that account. :)

I've been incredibly lucky as an artist over the past year. I'm one of the few that was able to get back the gigs that were lost in 2020. I'm looking forward to when we'll be able to make mask-less music again! For now, I'm preparing Dido, Giovanna, new audition recordings, and learning other new music!

-Your friendly neighborhood mezzo, Kaylee

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